Fifteen years ago, I tore an article– a list really– out of a magazine. I think it was “Oprah.” I’ve kept a folder of inspiring pieces and short articles for at least that long, and share pearls of wisdom with clients as applicable. My next several blogs will be retrospective in nature to offer suggestions on moving forward. Here are the first three of the 10 Thoughts on Whole Living, updated for relevance today.

  1. Your body is a powerful healer, learn to nourish it.

Thinking of your body as a container for all your energy, strength, motivation and passion, enables you to treat yourself with special care. Only the best food for fuel. Only the best products, without dangerous chemicals. Adequate water to sustain you. You support the capacity to heal yourself through practices such as yoga, meditation and exercise, as well as food as medicine. Learn how food and natural remedies/products enable you to take control of your health. Look for a trusted local herbalist for their wisdom and support.

2. Taking control of your time often means knowing what not to do.

In the past 15 years, mobile phones have taken over our lives, to both positive and negative impacts. We have to be very intentional to escape the constant incoming noise– data, news, emails, photos from Facebook or Instagram, Twitter, etc. The immediacy of communication has created a false narrative– we believe we are close to an online community and have let go of our natural local connections. For the next few weeks, consider limiting your exposure to social media and news. Spending one hour or less a day monitoring all the internet inputs should keep you current without the stress and overwhelming disconnect that can result. It’s ok to say “No,” or “Not Now, Maybe later.”

3. Sleep is sacred. Honor it with a soothing and restful space.

One of my intentions this year is to sleep 8-9 hours a night, which is what my body craves and to force myself off the couch and into my bed with appropriate support and pillows.  My body and soul deserves a soothing, restful space!

Consider adding what works for you to this list.  The next blog will share additional insights from 10 Thoughts on Whole Living. Stay well!