The Camino Way

To say that Peggy Jablonski went for a walk in 2020 is a gross understatement. In fact, she began a walking pilgrimage through every town on Cape Cod, from Bourne to Provincetown, to uncover and understand the peninsula’s history and its connections to contemporary issues today. She named it The Cape Cod Camino Way.

As she explored Cape Cod’s towns, people, and history, she learned about their unique social justice issues around enslavement, the seasonal economy, and the fragile environment. She heard stories of women, people of color, Wampanoags, the LGBTQ+ community, and immigrants from all backgrounds coming together to create the communities that exist today on Cape Cod.

Out of that summer of walking, new shorter walking routes were created to offer people a 1-2 hour experience to learn about the history and culture of the variety of people who have called Cape Cod their home. There are walks for Brewster, Hyannis, and Provincetown.


Distance: 1 mile; easy to moderate pace, some street walking

Experience the hidden history of Brewster’s connection to the Triangular Trade, the real story of the Wampanoag Nation, and the region’s often-overlooked tradition of women intellectuals.

Route: Begin in the graveyard behind the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church, 1969 Main Street, Brewster.

Sites and Topics: Unitarian Universalist Church and graveyard; Brewster Flats; General Store; Ladies Library; Community Gardens; Lower Road Cemetery; Eddy Sisters Trail.

Dates: July 4-August 29, every Thurs at 4-5:30 pm

Adults: $20 (payable in cash or via Venmo before the walk)

Children under 10: Free

Email your requested date and time to Payment is accepted at the beginning of each walk via cash or Venmo.

Distance: 1 mile; leisurely pace

Hyannis (Managed through the JFK Museum)

Join the JFK Hyannis Museum and Cape Cod Camino Way for a guided walk in the village of Hyannis. Starting at the Museum, we will stroll down historic streets, stop at ancient cemeteries, and view public art to reflect on the local history in the context of Wampanoag natives, early European colonial settlers, Otis family members, Cape Verdean connections, President Kennedy and Senator Bobby Kennedy’s civil rights advocacy and more.

These curated tours offer a closer examination of challenging moments in our past and their influence on current events.

The walk begins at 10:30 a.m. from the JFK Hyannis Museum and lasts for one hour and fifteen minutes, with shade and rest stops along the way. Walks accommodate up to 20 people.

For more information, visit


Distance: 3-4 miles, moderate pace.

Explore Pilgrims, Poets, and Pride! Learn the real story of the Mayflower and Nauset people, the history of the town’s Portuguese community, the origin of America’s oldest artists’ colony, and how Provincetown became the LGBTQ+ destination that it is today.

Route: Begin at the Bas Relief Park, 106 Bradford Street, Provincetown

Sites and Topics: Pilgrim’s Monument, Veterans’ Memorial, AIDS Memorial, Macmillan Wharf, Unitarian Church, West End’s “floating houses” and the historical homes of artists, and Pilgrim Park overlooking Long Point.

Dates:  July and August, Mondays at 10am or 4pm (groups of 4 or more only)

Adults: $20

Children under 10: Free

Email your requested date and time to Payment is accepted at the beginning of each walk via cash or Venmo.

Although Peggy offers walks throughout the summer in various locations around Cape Cod, she also can tailor a walk for you. Why not incorporate it into a family reunion or vacation? It’s also a great way to entertain out-of-town guests.

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