Practice Areas

Guiding Principles

Peggy is committed to offering timely, focused, professional, and affordable consulting and coaching services that lead to success. Her guiding principles demonstrate how:
  • Organizations are organic. Change is constant, inevitable, and welcome in healthy systems and people. We’re here to support you through this process.
  • Learning is experiential. Humans have to play around with information to experience it by studying actual problems and brainstorming a variety of solutions.
  • The answer is in the room. Those closest to problems or issues have much to share about solutions or creating an entirely new approach.
  • Coaching creates a road map for the journey. Coaching keeps us on track to realize our dreams.
  • Transparency and conflict resolution transform individuals and organizations. When we reach across our differences to create something new, we cultivate opportunity, ideas, and energy.
  • Organizations and individuals must look to the future. We need to support creativity, experimentation, and new methods of learning.
Practice Areas

One-to-One Coaching

You have the power to embody your strengths, cultivate your passions, and create positive change! We all do, and we all need a little help from time to time. As a higher ed professional, you have dedicated your life to helping others. Let Peggy guide you.

One-to-one coaching with Peggy takes a holistic approach to integrating life and work as your authentic self. Together, you will find your unique way to meet your career and life goals, integrate your growth into your life, and enjoy it more!

Peggy’s three-phase coaching methodology is proven and flexible. It helps hone in on the most important opportunities for growth.

  • Familiarization: Our first goal in our process is to get to know one another. We especially want to explore your background, strengths, and challenges. We will also discuss the dynamics of your workplace and the relationships you have within it.
  • Self-Evaluation. Next, we go through a series of self-evaluation exercises to identify your strengths and further clarify where we need to focus our efforts for this coaching engagement.
  • Action Plan. Then, we prioritize your opportunities for growth and create an action plan for addressing them. Our subsequent sessions work through this action plan as well as make time for any real-time challenges you may face.


Whether it’s moving through conflict, solving problems, unleashing creativity, or improving output, even the most high-performing teams benefit from some outside guidance from time to time.

When facilitating groups, Peggy draws on four decades of experience helping them resolve conflict, provide mediation, and find a path forward. The result is increased organizational clarity and effectiveness.

In addition to supporting teams through a specific challenge, Peggy can facilitate:

  • Board and staff meetings
  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
Practice Areas

Weekend Retreats

Surrounding yourself with peers facing the same challenges can bring validation, invigoration, and inspiration! That’s why Peggy hosts weekend retreats for professional women in higher education throughout the year.  Many retreats are held on Cape Cod and take advantage of the region’s beauty and tranquility. She can also conduct retreats at locations of your choice.

Although each retreat is different, they can include activities like:

  • Group discussions
  • Mediation, yoga, and other mindfulness activities
  • Beach strolls and nature hikes, such as The Camino Way
  • The delicious cuisine for which Cape Cod is famous!

Of course, all weekend retreats provide rest and relaxation. To learn more about the next Weekend Retreat, reach out to Peggy now.

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