Thanks for reading the first installment of Thoughts on Whole Living for 2020. Here are a few additional insights for you to contemplate and implement as we head into March!

4. Aim to be strong, flexible, & balanced.

Exercise for vitality, not vanity. I love the emphasis on balance. As a trained yoga instructor and golfer, I know the importance of a core that balances and stabilizes you. Pick 2-3 different forms of exercise that incorporate aerobic, strengthening, and stretching/balancing to rotate through your week. The psychological as well as the physical benefits are well-documented. Exercise will enhance every aspect of your life.

5. Learn to embrace the cold; it helps you appreciate the warmth.

This is essential for a native New Englander. We have our outdoor winter activities, such as snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, when the snowy conditions arrive. We understand that going out in 10 degree temperatures on New Year’s Eve is the right thing to do and with some planning and creativity can be a memorable occasion. This also holds true for personalities– embracing the cold ones enables you to appreciate the warmth of the majority.

6. Eating better doesn’t take more time– just better choices.

I was on a retreat in Jamaica when I wrote this– eating healthy meals, doing yoga, and taking swims in the turquoise water. And I ate Pringles! What are they made of anyway? We need to aim for a plant-based diet without added chemicals and fat from processed foods & meats. Living on Cape Cod, I still consume seafood and sometimes struggle to limit dairy. It’s all a process and about balance. Thinking of each day as an opportunity to make good choices empowers you to do so.

7. Rediscover sex as a source of life-giving energy.

Enough said!