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Meet Peggy

Margaret “Peggy” Jablonski, Ed.D., has over three decades of experience as a leader in higher education, and she understands firsthand the power of coaching.

As a senior administrator at universities such as Brown, MIT, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Peggy guided diverse and complex organizations to meet the ever-changing needs of students, parents, and faculty. She developed policy, strategic plans, and organizational assessments, managed complex building projects, and handled every kind of emergency. She hired and trained hundreds of people, mentoring and coaching them through professional and personal transitions.

Then, she knew it was time for a change.

To prepare for her next chapter, Peggy took an adult “gap year” to redirect her own future and broaden her outlook, immersing herself in cross-cultural experiences to learn about the changing nature of leadership in the 21st century. During that year, she worked with a coach to integrate her experiences and then earned her coaching certifications through the Gestalt International Study Center and the Gallup Organization.

“In addition to my relevant experience as a higher-education leader, my work benefits from other influences, such as athletics, mindfulness, qi gong, yoga, and a deep understanding of the historical, political, and social contexts of our time.”

Margaret “Peggy” Jablonski
Experience taught her about the mind/body connection in leadership, so she became a certified yoga instructor and studied mindfulness meditation and other wellness practices.

Coaching has since transformed her life and career.

Now, Peggy brings her own experience and strengths to guide women and BIPOC leaders toward more success and satisfaction in their higher education careers.

Her skills include:


  • Helping teams and individuals in higher education create organizations that foster innovation and best use individual talents.
  • Coaching leaders through difficult personnel situations and transitions.
  • Mentoring individuals through career changes, including job searches, onboarding, and transitioning to retirement.
  • Finding the right experts to help provide the knowledge that you need to achieve your particular goals.
  • Facilitating retreats for boards or teams to strengthen relationships and resolve conflicts.
No matter who she’s helping, her work is guided by these six principles.

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