Cape Cod Camino Way Project

Purpose:   The Cape Cod Camino Way was born in 2020 as a walking pilgrimage through every town on Cape Cod, from Bourne to Provincetown to uncover and understand the history of the peninsula and the connections for contemporary issues today.  As I explore Cape Cod’s towns, people and issues, i learned about social justice issues around the institution of slavery, the seasonal economy and fragile environment. I heard stories of women, people of color, Wampanoags, gays and lesbians, and immigrants from all backgrounds coming together to create the communities that exist today on Cape Cod.  Out of a summer of walking, new shorter walking routes were created to offer participants a 1-2 hour experience to learn about the history and culture of the variety of people who have called Cape Cod their home.  By extension, coming on a walk you learn about yourself!

Walks:  Walks are offered weekly in the summer in various locations around Cape Cod.  Walks can also be tailored for your group (reunions, family events, tour groups, etc.) and are an excellent compliment to a visit to the tourist areas of Cape Cod.  For the weekly schedule, please go to for more information and to register for a walk.  

To plan a walk for your group, please contact Peggy at 919-923-6034 or

Speaking engagements:  Peggy offers in-person and zoom talks, usually one hour in length, that provides an overview of the Cape Cod Camino Way walks across all of Cape Cod.  Peggy has spoken to groups from libraries, churches, historical societies and professional groups about the Camino Way and lessoned learned from examining history through a lens of social justice.  Please contact her to plan a talk with your group soon.

Book:  The Cape Cod Camino Way:  Walking with a Purpose (2021) documents the summer of walks across Cape Cod and is a guide for the creation of your own pilgrimage wherever one lives- exploring contemporary issues from a richer understanding of the past.  The book is an excellent gift for those interested in history, culture, social issues, and Cape Cod.  To purchase a book please go to