Dr. Jablonski excels in many ways, none more important than as mentor to young professionals and those who aspire to leadership roles. She is a keen judge of character, quick to hone in on the skills and talents of others and capable of bringing out in them even more than they expected from themselves. Peggy inspires excellence by example, exudes confidence and enables and celebrates the success of others.

Vice President for Student Affairs   

Dr. Jablonski was instrumental in helping our senior staff work through some difficult team dynamics that were preventing us from achieving our full potential as a leadership group. She was masterful in facilitating group discussions on challenging issues and having us reflect on our purpose and goals as a team. I can say that we became a highly functioning team because of the time we spent with her.

Director of Planning for Student Affairs   

Our Division needed to increase how we support student success. The keystone to our seven month review process was engaging Dr. Jablonski as a consultant. Her work not only brought clarity to the direction of the resource realignment but also raise the level of sophistication during campus discussions. She had a unique ability to relate to community members from our student to the President.

Vice President for Student Affairs   

Peggy is a true mentor. She has coached me through the graduate school selection and application process, helped me discover my passions within higher education, and acted as a sounding board as I experienced the job search process for the first time. She has a genuine passion to help those discover themselves within higher education. Peggy has given me the opportunity to explore possible career paths, think differently about higher education trends, and clarify my values within the field. Her kind words and advice have been crucial to my personal and professional development. I am grateful that our relationship has continually grown over the past five years, and I look forward to learning from her new experiences.

New Professional, Health Sciences University   

Dr. Jablonski has had a long-standing commitment to mentoring and developing professionals in student affairs. I've been a direct beneficiary of her guidance and coaching throughout my career. Her insights on career development have been invaluable as I begin the process of considering vice president positions in student affairs.

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs   

Peggy is a thoughtful, dedicated and compassionate leader in Student Affairs. In dealing with several difficult campus crises, I saw her act from both a caring and professional place, guiding and mentoring those around her for the greater good.

University President