Higher Education

Higher Education:
At Jablonski Consulting Group, we work with colleges and universities, guiding them to increase effectiveness, develop leadership capacity, reimagine departments, enhance resources, and improve relationships with parents, students, and all levels of staff. We provide interim executive and senior level services such as vice president for student affairs.
Our program reviews are tailored to each school’s particular needs and challenges. Our team explores mission, organizational structure, department functions, program effectiveness, leadership and staffing, resource allocation, and connections among key departments on campus.

We use a holistic approach to address your needs and will take a deep dive into your organization, planning strategy, leadership development and conflict resolution. We will be your partner, guide, and mentor.

Here’s how we help colleges and universities:
• Serving an interim senior role such as Vice President or Executive Director.
• Reviewing one or several departments to increase alignment, maximize resources, and develop staff to       meet the changing expectations of students and parents.
• Facilitating team retreats for boards or senior staff with a focus on innovation and effective use of strengths.
• Coaching staff on effective communication and decision-making to increase engagement, build effective       teams, create clarity, and help to resolve conflicts.
• Supporting leaders through career transitions, goal-setting, and building their professional credibility.
• Identifying and fostering the strengths of all teams and their members.
• Coaching all levels of staff on leadership and management, showing them how to build effective     partnerships both within their departments and across campus.

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