Business and Nonprofits

Business and Nonprofits:

At Jablonski Consulting Group, we assist businesses and nonprofits to prepare for the future and increase effectiveness by coaching leaders, focusing their mission, reimagining resources, and improving relationships among teams and departments.  We provide interim executive and senior level services such as Executive Director or Vice President for Operations.

Our services are tailored to your organization’s specific needs. This might include review of mission, organizational structure, functions of departments, conflict resolution, program effectiveness, leadership and staffing, resource allocation, and improving relationships among key individuals.

We take a holistic approach in being your partner, guide, and mentor. We specialize in working with organizations that are led or owned by women.

Here’s how we help businesses and nonprofits: 

  • Serving as Interim Executive Director or other senior leadership roles.
  • Performing a full organizational review or reviewing one program area.
  • Assessing leadership and training and strategizing for transitions and successions.
  • Facilitating board or team retreats with a focus on strategic planning and innovation.
  • Increasing staff engagement by focusing on priorities, problem-solving, and partnerships.
  • Resolving conflict and creating clarity through effective communication.
  • Identifying and fostering the strengths of each team member.


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