Guiding Principles

Organizations are organic systems, living and changing in dynamic ways over time.  Change is constant, inevitable, and welcome in healthy systems and people.  Our goal is to support people and groups through the change process.

Learning involves connecting with the material through experience.  It is through direct contact, experiential learning and dialogue that deeper and long lasting learning takes place.

People are capable of learning at all stages and under various circumstances.  We change our behavior because we learned or experienced something that “stuck” in our brains.  We are all life-long learners.

The answer is in the room.  As systems thinkers, we believe that those closest to the problem or issue have much to share about solving the problem or creating something new.

Transformation of individuals and organizations is possible by shedding light on issues, resolving conflict, creating possibilities and harnessing intellect and energy in a positive direction.

Traditional approaches to organizational design models will not work in the future.  Just as technology has created new pathways for experience (think Facebook and Twitter), so too must organizations adopt new models of learning and organizational structures that support creativity and experimentation.

Coaching develops and supports individuals and teams through growth, change and transformation. Coaching provides a road map for overcoming actions that sabotage desires, plans and dreams.

Timely, focused, professionally delivered and affordable consulting and coaching services will support individual and organizational clarity and success.